Friday, September 12, 2014

September 12, 2014

Everyone always says not to make homes
out of people
especially not boys with crooked smiles
who's calloused hands can so easily repair your splintered bones
but how could they blame me
when they do not know that your eyes
held an ocean so blue that sirens swam in their depths
and lured me into you so easily
that I forgot that there was a world
outside of the waves we floated in.
the water against our skin like blankets keeping me warm
made it that much easier to take your hand 
and swim further into you
the days and the nights fell into one as the depths of your ocean 
made the sun only a shimmer above our heads
like magic
and I swear I could've stayed down there forever,
but your water grew rough
and the tides became harsh 
and I know you never meant to take me down with you
but the currents fueled by your sadness clawed into our skin
and clung to me,
as they pulled us further into the black
and you clung to me too
with your lips to mine as we used our last breaths to whisper
I love you
stay with me
and the moment my eyes could no longer see
the  sapphire of yours,
clouded by
the darkness surrounding us,
was the moment I knew I had waded too deep,
and I suppose
I drowned in you.
     The past two weeks I've been writing a lot. I have about ten poems written for my twenty percent project. My biggest issue as of lately is trying to find a way to tie everything all together. While all of the poems have the same central theme, I really want to find a way to either break the book into sections, or add short stories in between a few poems, to make it all more harmonious.
     What I think I really want to do it add short stories in between every five poems, resulting in probably four stories. I want them to kind of develop the readers understanding of why I am writing certain things. I don't really want it to be autobiographical though, and while I will base it around my experiences, I don't think it will be my life story being told.
     I'm also not sure if that makes sense, but I don't know how else to describe what I'm thinking. I'm also not sure if this is what I really want to do, or if I will come up with another way to break up the poems sometime soon.
     Other than this issue, writing has been going fairly smooth. I got a lot of really good feedback during the roundtable, and I've been taking a lot of it into consideration, by really working on my rhythm and structure of some of my writing.
     I've also been brainstorming ideas for a book title. That's always been an issue of mine, naming things. I've got a list so far of possible candidates, but at this point I think it will have to wait until I've gotten more written.
---Abbey Nichole

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  1. Lovely poem, and I like the idea of interspersing with short stories. Let's experiment!