Friday, October 24, 2014

NaNoWriMo #1

     For this nine weeks I plan on doing NaNoWriMo, and I'm going in a completely different direction that I did for my 20% project last nine weeks. I feel like the poetry collection I came up with is very complete other than a few things I need to add and I'm ready to try something new.
     My story is going to revolve around a girl (I'm toying with names right now so yeah) who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Living in the city, she has a small, studio apartment where she spends most of her time, holed up trying to paint and trying to take photos but never really getting out of bed. The only time she really leaves the apartment is when her best friend forces her to spend time with him. She's depressed, and kind of giving up, at this point shes just going through the motions, sleeping, working, eating what she needs to. She's taken to smoking just to feel fire in her lungs and she's taken to not sleeping to get away from the nightmares. She's alone and she's falling apart.
    He's (like I said still trying to find names that I feel truly fit) tall and lanky and sunshine condensed into a single entity. He works for his sister, in a flower shop in his favorite part of Boston. He lives with his two best friends, who have been together since the three of them were in high school in a town by the shore, mainly because he's too broke to live anywhere else. He's happy anyways, because even as broke as he is, he gets to see the people he loves everyday, and he gets to make people smile.
    Like I said, he works in a flower shop, but he doesn't really do delivery; he usually just mans the register and tells people the meanings of different flowers, but one day they have a last minute request to be sent to an apartment down the road and it was after the delivery girl had left, so he tells his sister he can just take it because its on the way to his apartment.
   It ends up being delivered to her, ends up that someone sending her flowers for the one year anniversary of her families death, which he doesn't know of course, and she opens the door all dark rimmed eyes and messy hair and a sharp tongue and he is automatically taken with her.
   The story is going to follow these two as she tries to stop pulling herself apart and he tries to get her to let him in. While it is going to be about their love story, I don't want it to be one of those things where the boy saves the girl, and I plan for it to be more about her saving herself and him being there to hold her as she does.
   I'm thinking of setting my goal at 30,000 words. I really want to do my best to go over this goal though, and I'm excited to start writing. I think the hardest challenge for me is going to be not going back and revising, because I'm so used to going back and redoing a lot of what I had previously wrote before carrying on the story.
   I really need to start mapping out the course of my story in this next week, because even though I can see the whole story playing out in my head, it will help me organization wise to have in fully planned out.
    I think NaNoWriMo will be an interesting experience for me, and I seriously cannot wait to get started on this.
Abbey Nichole

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  1. NaNoWriMo is kind of like a half marathon. You want to do it once, just to prove something to yourself. I'm glad you're signing on. 12/12