Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nanowrimo #3

    I'm about eight thousand words into my novel at this point, and I'm slowly accepting that the entire thing is going to take place along a single street in Boston.
    I'm okay with it, mainly because it makes me think of my book like a sad, supernatural version of Friends, which is weird and only makes sense in my head, but yeah.
    I think the only problem writing lately is that I've been jumping around so much. I keep straying from one scene to another without adding stuff in between to tie them together, mainly because I want to write as much as I can and by writing like this, I go faster. The problem though, is that right now any outside reader would be confused. Very confused.
    I'm refraining from editing though, as suggested, and am just going to continue on as I am.
    Other than that, writing has been going really well and I really love my characters and how they are developing.
Abbey Nichole

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  1. I read an interesting Boston-based novel recently called "Boy. Snow. Bird." It's a fairy-tale-style, fantasy that I think you'd like.

    I can't tell if you're OK with setting everything in Boston or not. Did you have some other exotic locale in mind when you started? Or are you just not far enough to get there?

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